LITTLE FALLS, NJ - Team White took home the flag for the night Friday at Passaic Valley's annual "Girls Show" competition.  

Girls' Show, one of Passaic Valley's main events of the year occurred last night at Passaic Valley high school. Girls' Show has been around since 1941 and has evolved into an enormous event. Attendees began to line up at around 4 p.m. to enter into the gymnasium. The excitement and support from the community is shown every year when the gym at Passaic Valley High school fills up. With a packed house the girls put on a performance that required months of practicing and trying out for.

"Its crazy how hard each team works and the amount of hours put in," said student Victoria Ayoub. "They're so dedicated to their craft and stay so positive knowing that the outcome may not be in their favor."

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Doing various stunts the girls practice non-stop and prepare to put on a performance. From push ups to pyramids the girls take pride in all of their moves and perfect them for months. Not only are there routines that must be taught and learned but costumes that have to be prepared. Each team picks a theme and is dressed from head to toes in costume. This adds another obstacle for the girls when performing. Losing points for dropped props or faulty costumes could cost a team to win the category. 

If you attended the event or saw it on TV you would have seen tears of joy and tears of disappointment as the flag ceremony occurred. At the end of the evening the results are displayed in the center of the gym.  Either the green flag or white flag is held up for each event. 

A spectator of the event, Juliana Hanna, who waited outside for hours said, "When the flag ceremony was about to begin the whole gym got very quiet. Nerves were tense and the girls were all gathered together supporting each other."  

The winning results are as follows:

  • Green Dance
  • White Cheer
  • White Exercise 
  • White Posters
  • Green Relays and Novelties

Some of the teams have already started thinking of ideas and looking forward to next year in order to secure a victory for their teams.