LITTLE FALLS, NJ - The police department will be issuing identification cards to all approved solicitors within the Township of Little Falls. All solicitors are required to make application to the township.

Upon receipt of an application, the chief of police shall conduct an investigation of the applicant’s business and moral character as he deems necessary for the protection of the public good. If as a result of the investigation, the applicant's character or business responsibility is found to be unsatisfactory and the issuance of the license is deemed to be contrary to the public good, the chief of police shall endorse his disapproval on the application and his reason for the same. The applicant shall be notified that the application is unacceptable.

Once approved, an identification badge/ID will be issued to each individual solicitor.

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Exemptions to the ordinance are organizations such as but not limited to school or educational clubs or organizations; scouting organizations; athletic programs; church, parish or religious organizations; civic clubs and organizations.

If a solicitor does not have a township issued badge/ID or not part of aforementioned exemptions, call the Little Falls Police Department immediately at 973-256-0200.

Shown is a sample of the badge/ID issued by the Little Falls Police Department. If a solicitor is not in possession of this identification, they should be considered suspicious and in violation of township ordinance. Immediately notify the Little Falls Police Department at 973-256-0200 in the event an individual is soliciting without this identification.

Solicitations of any kind are only permitted Monday to Saturday between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m.