LITTLE FALLS, NJ - Police are investigating several car break-ins that resulted in burglarized possessions earlier this week.

According to Little Falls Police Chief Steven Post, five vehicles were broken into. Two of the vehicles were parked in the Little Falls Recreation Center parking lot located at 160 Paterson Ave. during a local youth sports game. One vehicle was parked on Paterson Avenue and the other two were parked across the street at a parking lot located at 175 Paterson Ave.

"The two vehicles that were broken into at the recreation center's parking lot appeared to have been unlocked and a wallet was stolen from each of them," explained Post, adding that one of the wallets reported missing was retrieved off Route 46 east by the Garden State Parkway exit by local police. Money was missing from that wallet's contents.

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Post added that the vehicle parked on Paterson Avenue also appeared to have been unlocked and a women's purse was stolen. The two vehicles parked across the street at the nearby parking lot were broken into by breaking the vehicle's windows.

"No contents were missing in those two vehicles and nothing valuable was taken, so that is being treated as only criminal mischief," Post added. "Our detectives are currently working on it and it is still an open investigation with our police looking out for evidence. This is the first I heard of something like this happening at the recreation center while there was a local youth basketball game underway. Hopefully, we'll establish a lead soon by continuing to pursue this."

Additionally, a residential home in the Singac section of town was robbed of a snow blower the same day that police say was taken from someone's backyard garage.

"This is also an active investigation and there is a person of interest," he said. "So far it's a reported theft of only one residence and of no other incidents to other homes in the township."