LITTLE FALLS, NJ - Members of the Little Falls Council on July 24 held a public hearing and passed an ordinance to prohibit certain tonnage of vehicles from traveling on local roads in the township.

According to Mayor James Damiano, the ordinance #1297 "Traffic, On-Street Regulations, Routes For Trucks Over Thirteen Tons" does not allow trucks weighing over 13 tons to traverse any local streets. 

"They are permitted to travel on any of our county roads," he explained.  "The reason we upped the weight to 13 tons from the previously proposed four ton weight is because the majority of sport utility vehicles weigh more than four tons."

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The ordinance was first introduced at the June 26 council meeting, where Damiano explained that many SUVs exceed the tonnage nowadays.

"It was not our intent to prevent a Chevy Tahoe from traveling on a local road in Little Falls but we want to prevent an 18-wheeler truck from traveling on that local road," he added.

A list of the county roads was presented in copies of the ordinance for the public. It specifies all trucks registered at a gross vehicle weight in excess of 13 tons (26,000 pounds) shall be excluded from all streets in the township except those county roads designating the allowance. 

The county roads allowing passage are Cedar Grove Road (Francisco Avenue to the Essex County line), Lindsley Road (Main Street to the Essex County line), Lindsley Road (Essex County line to Cedar Grove Road), Long Hill Road (Browertown Road to Ridge Road), Long Hill Road (a.k.a Upper Mountain Avenue),and Clove Road to Essex County line. It also allows passage through the entire length of East Main Street, Main Street, Clove Road, Maple Street, McBride Avenue, Notch Road, Paterson Avenue, Ridge Road, Stevens Avenue and Union Avenue (Boulevard). Additionally, it allows passage through Fairfield Road from Main Street to the Wayne Township line and from Main Street to the Essex County line.