LITTLE FALLS, NJ - Mayor-elect James Damiano is inviting residents who would like to become part of the government in Little Falls to serve on a township ad-hoc committee.

The initiative comes as a move to get local residents more involved with their local governing bodies.

The list of ad-hoc committees seeking members are Domestic Violence, Open Space, Passaic River Advisory, Public Safety, Senior Advisory Committee, Technology, Transportation and Wildlife Management. The committees will be posted on the township's website.

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According to the criteria for selection, an individual should not be assigned to more than two ad-hoc committees, residents shall be assigned to ad-hoc committees as individuals and not as representatives of an organization or interest group, and all ad-hoc committee appointees shall be required to complete a financial disclosure statement in order to provide transparency regarding their financial dealing. This is done to ensure the public of their integrity with respect to possible conflicts of interest.

According to Damiano, the township has established numerous committees over the years, some of which are more active than others and many of which consist of the same activists in town.

"The purpose for publicly posting the committees on the town's website is to ensure that everyone is aware of the committees that exist, and permit them to submit their letter of interest," Damiano said. "This will allow for new ideas to be offered by the new members of the committees and spark thought for innovative ways to address all of the issues that the municipality faces. Rather than limit the committees to the people that have had an opportunity to discuss with me directly the committees in town, by posting the list on the website, I am able to make contact with all of the residents who may be interested."

Damiano also announced the creation of two additional committees, which include the Passaic River Advisory Committee and the Wildlife Management Advisory Committee.

"These are committees that were created due to the responses received from residents while walking door to door, and items that have been on my mind for some time," he explained. "While the regional flood board has been a long established committee int he township, it only addresses the flooding issues surrounding the Peckman River. This new board will allow residents to discuss innovative solutions to address the flooding caused by the Passaic River, and allow the community to become more vocal at the state and national levels."

Additionally, he said that the Wildlife Management Advisory Committee has been created due to the overwhelming number of requests to consider humane ways to address the ever growing deer population in town.

"With the assistance of these boards, I, along with the council, will be able to consider all of the alternative solutions to address these problems," he noted.

"To date, the response has been overwhelming and gives me faith that the residents of Little Falls care deeply for this town and I look forward to meeting with all of the residents who are interested," he added.

Damiano requested that those interested in serving should email their name, phone number, and email address to Cynthia Kraus, township clerk, at for consideration.