LITTLE FALLS, NJ - Some creative young students flooded Town Hall during the recent Township Council meeting held on June 12. The art students of the Little Falls School District had their works highlighted and displayed on the walls.

Damiano highlighted the students' efforts during the meeting and gave a proclamation.

"We're honoring all of the outstanding artists in the Little Falls Schools from kindergarten through eighth grade," he said. "It's incredible artwork that has been hung throughout the municipal building all month."

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On-hand was Tracey Marinelli, Little Falls School District superintendent, including art teacher Lisa Spero. Damiano asked each of the students to join him in front of the council members and meeting attendees and called each of the students' names one-by-one.  

"We are preparing an official proclamation that I sent to the schools," said Damiano, adding that each student will receive an honorary certificate to proudly hang at home.

Marinelli spoke afterwards and said she was honored to be part of the event where the students were being spotlighted.

"I'm excited about the township and the school district working so collaboratively to highlight the achievements of our students," she said 

Damiano also appointed Patricia Toomey to the Little Falls Library Board to a five-year term. Council members also passed the Library Construction Bond Act

Toomey explained that the bond act entails $125 million dollars in obligation bonds that the state puts together in order to provide funding for capital projects in New Jersey state libraries.

"Most libraries are underfunded, as everyone knows, and we're looking constantly for funds for capital improvements in order to keep up with technology to serve our community, which we do at great length," she said. "Our library has grown in programming and we're packed. We're busy and we're doing great things. We have a lot of things that we'd like to look forward to in the future that we don''t necessarily have the funding for yet."

Prior to the bond act's passage, Toomey praised Damiano and council members.

"This is something that can be a great benefit for us," she added.