LITTLE FALLS, NJ - United Methodist Church, located at 139 Main St. in Little Falls, decided to aid the homeless by helping a local effort in keeping their feet warm.

Lori Hinkle, a Woodland Park resident, once stopped to give food to a homeless person on the streets of New York City and the man asked for a pair of socks. She and a friend discovered that socks are the most needed and least donated item of clothing to the homeless community. Hinkle decided to do something about it and founded Socks for Homeless Soles, which is now an official non-profit organization in its fourth year.

Lori's aunt, Shirley Juhlin, a regular attendee of the United Methodist Church, knew that the church wanted to do something charitable and suggested that they set up a sock donation bin. As of today, Lori has donated hundreds of socks to homeless people in New York and New Jersey. Donations of socks are always welcome and can be dropped off at the church.  

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