WOODLAND PARK, NJ - Memorial Middle School held an orientation night for parents with incoming fifth graders for September on May 24. An orientation for the students was held earlier that day.

Mr. Charles Silverstein, principal, Vice Principal Lisa Barreto, school nurse Teresa Carbonelli and guidance counselor Kerry McGlame were on hand to speak to parents.

Mr. Silverstein offered parents a few important tips:

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  • Know where your kids are at all times.
  • The curriculum is online. Parents should take the time to read it.
  • Lateness is unacceptable. Three lates will result in detention.
  • Illness: kids get sick, we understand. Send them to school and we’ll take care of them.

Silverstein also spoke about social media usage in middle school students and said that he hates it. “Kids are committing suicide,” he said. “It’s terrible.”

Memorial School has a zero tolerance policy for social media bullying. “If you threaten someone on social media and we find out about it, we will waste no time in contacting the police,” Silverstein said.

Mrs. Barreto showed parents a slide show tour of the school, which showcased all the staff members and school philosophy.

The school library opens at 7:30 a.m. for students and breakfast is served starting at 7:45 a.m. Doors open at 8:07 for school with homeroom beginning at 8:12. Dismissal is 2:48.

Mrs. Barreto covered the core curriculum subjects, which are math, Language arts, science and social studies. Special classes – computers, music, world language, and health – are cycled. Physical education is twice a week. Students will change for gym and utilize lockers.

The Parent Portal will contain all progress reports and communications. Teachers have their own pages as well where pertinent information will be available. Parents should ensure that their contact information – phone and cell numbers, and email addresses – are up to date as all communication is electronic.

Memorial School offers students a wealth of activities, Mrs. Barreto noted. Students can take part in computer, makerspace, coding, animal, newspaper, yearbook and health clubs. There are also art enrichment classes. Choir and beginner band are available to fifth graders as well. Instrumental lessons are given to the students from music teacher Eric Schaefer.

Mrs. Barreto also noted the new character education program at Memorial called The Six Pillars of Character. The pillars are trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship. Five students are chosen per grade level (one from each homeroom) each month. These students are chosen because they possess the attributes of a student of character.

”Our doors are always open and we are always here for you,” Mr. Silverstein noted to the parents in closing.

Any parent or guardian with questions can contact the school anytime at 973-317-7750.