PASSAIC COUNTY, NJ - New Jersey reported 127 Zika virus cases, all cases being travel-related, as of September 13. Bergen County has reported the highest number of cases with 25, and Passaic County has the second highest with 21 according to officials from the State Department Of Health.

The risk of contracting Zika from a mosquito in New Jersey is still rare, said Scott Crans, administrator for state Office of Mosquito Control Coordination, “but this time of the year is when the risk is greatest". "The Asian Tiger are at their highest’s all about the climate,” said Crans, “they are less common in the northwestern part of the state which tends to be colder than our southern counties.”

Passaic County last month received a $27,000 federal grant to begin Zika testing. Counties like Bergen and Passaic are doing more proactive mosquito spraying and stocking ponds and other small standing bodies of water with fish that feed off of mosquito larvae.

Some small tips to help decrease the potential of mosquito bites are to wear mosquito repellent, and also to wear loose, long-sleeved shirts and long pants when outdoors.