The Passaic County Sheriff's Department K-9 Unit competed in the United States Police Dog Regional Trials, which was held in Warwick, N.Y. last weekend. 

The event was a regional police dog trial that tested All patrol exercises such as obedience, agility, evidence searching, and criminal apprehension. This trial consisted of K-9 teams from all around the New York and New Jersey area including K-9 teams from NYPD, and MTA Transit.

Upon completion of this three day event, one of Passaic County's newest K-9 teams, Officer Hascup and K-9 Teo walked away winning five trophies for the following categories:

  • 2nd place overall (novice)
  • 1st place agility (novice)
  • 2nd place scent work (evidence and box search)
  • 2nd place apprehension
  • 3rd place obedience (novice)

The novice category is for new K-9’s with first time handlers. In this category there were 12 K-9 teams.