Want to dispose of your documents securely? Shred it and forget It with Passaic County's paper recycling collection program. The Passaic County Office of Solid Waste & Recycling Programs is offering free on-site confidential document destruction and recycling services for Passaic County residents (proof of residency required) on Saturday, June 3 at the Passaic County Para-Transit Facility, 1310 Route 23 North
Wayne, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. rain or shine.

Up to six "Banker Boxes" worth of paper documents (10"x13"x16") can be brought.

ACCEPTABLE MATERIALS: Old checks, tax returns, bank statements, utility bills, computer printouts, medical Information (no x-rays), copy paper (white and with color), envelopes, letterhead and stationery, and any other personal documents. Staples accepted.

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UNACCEPTABLE MATERIALS: Metal binders, plastics, overnight shipping envelopes (FedEx, UPS, etc.), photographs, carbon paper, and any other non-paper item.

Participants must take back containers that documents were brought in.

For further information, call the Passaic County Office of Solid Waste & Recycling Programs at 973-305-5738.