LITTLE FALLS, NJ - Passaic Valley Board of Education members tonight will consider the position elimination of Carolyn Macchia, teacher of technical occupation: television production technology, as well as the Broadcast Journalism I, Broadcast Journalism II Honors, and Broadcast Experience I/II courses.

Social media has been abuzz this week over the news of possible program cuts which could affect the high school's television programming channel PVTV.

A post on a page called PVTV on Facebook, which is not an official school site, about the issue was shared over 70 times in the last 48 hours. The post was created by Amanda Domuracki, a graduate of Passaic Valley High School, who, on her personal Facebook page, attributed the extracurricular film and TV programs at the school to all of her career successes.

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On Monday, Board of Education member Sam Yodice posted on Facebook noting that, "The rumors of elimination of PVTV on FB are just that, rumors. However, there is a proposal to revamp and redesign the program."

He noted that it is critical that the school board consistently refine its programs for student success. He added that there is a "need for curriculum to be redesigned of what is now known as PVTV."

"I truly believe there is still an advantage of having PVTV," he wrote. "The format however, needs to concentrate on communications, broadcasting, live interviews, editing, production, etc."

The official agenda for the Board of Education meeting wasn't posted until this morning.

Items #32-34 in the 33 page agenda regarding the proposed program alterations reads as follows:

32. Approval / Regarding Reduction in Force
BE IT RESOLVED, that the Passaic Valley Regional High School Board of Education, upon the recommendation of the Superintendent of Schools, does hereby abolish for reasons of economy, reorganization, programmatic downsizing and other good cause, the following position effective June 30, 2017:Teacher of Technical Occupation: Television Production Technology and
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that as a result of the abolishment of this position the following individual shall be notified that their employment in the district will cease effective June 30, 2017: Carolyn Macchia, Teacher of Technical Occupation: Television Production Technology; and

33. Approval / Abolish Current Courses
The Superintendent recommends approval to abolish the following courses starting the 2017/2018 school year:
702 Computer Programming I Honors
709 Broadcast Journalism I
710 Broadcast Journalism II Honors
715 Broadcast Experience I/II

34. Approval / New Course Offerings
The Superintendent recommends approval to offer the following English electives starting the 2017/2018 school year:
109 Digital Journalism I
149 Digital Journalism II Honors


The Board of Education meeting is tonight, Tuesday, May 9, at 7 p.m. in the Suchorsky Library on campus.

PVTV history:

PVTV was founded in 1988 by social studies teacher Don Ruccia. After a few years of PVTV participants shooting  video and having it aired on the Cedar Grove cable access channel, Ruccia struck a deal with Cablevision to bring Passaic Valley its own television station, which airs on channel 77.

In the summer of 1994, PVTV expanded to a three room operation with a new television studio. The new studio has enabled television production classes to shoot original programs at the school and air them on the station. Over the years PVTV has grown from a one-room operation to a big three-room operation.

In 1998 Jim Hansen came aboard PVTV as another supervisor to the television station and became primary instructor and advisor when Ruccia retired in 2002. He was then joined by Stephanie Roberts. In 2008, Cali Macchia joined Roberts as the second instructor. Macchia’s knowledge and experience with Mac software brought a new age into PVTV.

The PVTV editing room was converted to Mac and the students began using new editing software. That same year saw large leaps and bounds with a creative and driven senior class that developed a completely different Girls Show broadcast, and with enthusiastic underclassmen, that added a thirty minute pre-show to the broadcast.

Shows produced by PVTV include Girls Show, Valley Views, National Honor Society Induction Ceremony, Senior Awards Assembly, community as well as high school commencement exercises, Sports, Inside PV, Guidance Update and Concerts.