WOODLAND PARK, NJ - Woodland Park Schools will open for the new year next Wednesday, Sept. 6. Police Chief Anthony Galietti reminds drivers to be extremely vigilant driving around our borough schools before and after school hours, as many of our local students walk. He also reminds those dropping off students to follow the school's drop off and pick up procedures and obey parking restrictions.

Afternoon hours are particularly dangerous. Over the last decade, AAA reports that nearly one in four child pedestrian fatalities occurred between 3 and 7 p.m. Here’s how you can help keep kids safe:

Slow down. Speed limits in school zones are reduced for a reason. A pedestrian struck by a vehicle traveling at 25 mph is nearly two-thirds less likely to be killed compared to a pedestrian struck by a vehicle traveling just 10 mph faster.

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Come to a complete stop. Research shows that more than one-third of drivers roll through stop signs in school zones or neighborhoods. Always come to a complete stop, checking for children on sidewalks and in crosswalks before proceeding.

Eliminate distractions. Research shows that taking your eyes off the road for just two seconds doubles your chances of crashing. Reduce risk by not using your cell phone or eating while driving, for example.