Working in cooperation with the Lower Passaic and Saddle River Alliance and the National Park Service, the Passaic Valley Sewerage Commission (PVSC) has created the Lower Passaic River Blueway Canoe and Kayak Trail and installed Trail Signs along the route. Funding for the project was comprised of grants from the State and federal government with in-kind match provided by PVSC staff.

The project included the identification and development of three new canoe and kayak access sites along the Lower Passaic River for recreational use. The goal for the Blueway is to encourage and enable river restoration, water quality enhancements, and to increase the public’s interest in the entire Passaic River by providing a recreational link. The project included site-specific riverbank stabilization, erosion control, innovative stormwater capture techniques, invasive weed control, and the planting of native plant species where appropriate at a total of three locations.

Trail signs were designed to map locations that are appropriate for providing public access to the river. The maps and signs include the three newly constructed sites as well as existing access sites. Signs were installed at the three new locations and will be installed to identify existing access sites. PVSC staff performed all aspects of the design and construction of the project.

The Lower Passaic River Blueway Canoe and Kayak Trail will expand the recreational opportunities for the public and will foster positive relationships with the communities within the district to obtain support for PVSC’s efforts to maintain and improve its infrastructure to reduce pollution to the Passaic River.