TOTOWA, N.J.- A Totowa family, and their family paving business, donated their time and materials to their home town, to have blue lines painted on Totowa Road to honor their police.

Municipalities throughout New Jersey have begun to paint a thin blue line that runs between the double yellow lines in the streets. With recent events, and the negative light shed on police officers, many communities have decided to visible show this sign of support to the men and women who put their lives on the line to serve and protect all of us.

Little Falls joined other NJ Municipalities last month to paint a thin blue line to show support of their police  department. The blue thin line runs from the end of Montclair Avenue onto Main St where the police department is located. Click Here For Full Story.

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Joe Alvino the owner of Alvino Paving located in Wayne donated to have the blue line painted showing support of the Totowa Police Department.

The Alvino family has lived in Totowa for the majority of their lives, according to Donna Alvino. She stated “I've lived in Totowa since I was about five years old, I grew up here, and am raising a family here. And my husband, Joe, and I teach our daughters the importance and need for community service, and to get involved in our community.”

“Not only have we been getting overwhelming support from our town who painted the thin blue line down the center of Totowa Road" said Officer Gary Bierach, "but Alvino Paving donated the blue paint, the local Boy Scout troop placed blue ribbons on all the lamp posts, and we have been selling 'We support our Totowa Police Officers' signs that have been selling out repeatedly. It is amazing to see such support in our community in a country that has shown such distrust in the police".

Many NJ municipalities across the state have been following in the steps of towns like Wayne, Little Falls, and now Totowa to pay tribute to their local police departments.