WOODLAND PARK, NJ - The Borough of Woodland Park approved a resolution authorizing Verizon Wireless to place small antennas called "network nodes," on utility poles in the borough’s right of way.

A representative from Verizon Wireless gave a presentation of the plan to the Borough Council at a recent meeting, requesting permission for the installation.

According to Kevin Galland, municipal clerk, the approximate 3 foot long antennas will be placed atop existing poles in the "right-of-way" referring to the area between the curb and property line in the borough.

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"At our last council meeting, a representative from Verizon made a presentation for these particular nodes to be installed on top of our existing poles in locations within the right-of-way as determined by their engineers," said Galland at the Feb. 15 council meeting. "These network nodes are basically supplemental antennas. What we're talking about it are units for the use of voice and data going to a cell site and having the cell site pick up the radio waves to enhance communication."

Galland added that with the extensive increase in cell phone usage, Verizon has determined on a state-wide basis that a simple alternative is to install the antennas, as compared to the addition of cell towers, he added. The Verizon representative agreed during the presentation that there would be no more than three nodes installed borough-wide, and not exceeding five.

"These nodes are not intrusive, they're really small, and they will be on top existing poles and this resolution basically authorizes that instruction," he explained.

The program comes at no cost to municipalities, Galland further added, and the borough will not earn any revenue from it.

"Right now, Verizon's engineers are researching to see at which section in of town they will plan to install them," Galland added. "Until that's completed, we will have no information as far as an installation date."