TAPInto Fair Lawn & Glen Rock is pleased to announce a new column, “Conversations with Joan Herrmann,” that will premiere in June. Herrmann is a Woodland Park resident.

Most people know Joan as a national radio host who brings inspiring knowledge from experts in a vast range of fields. Her “Change Your Attitude Change Your Life” mantra has been ingrained in my head and in my life, and now, I can share it with my readers.

Her show, Change Your Attitude…Change Your Life, premiered on WOR in October 2013 and is still going strong.

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I met Joan at a New Jersey Association of Women Business Owners conference. As a radio junkie, I couldn’t believe this woman I had admired and listened to for years was in front of me. Not only that, she was everything I thought she’d be.

We met for coffee and decided this column would be a great partnership. After all, there can’t be enough self-help knowledge in the world.

Joan is incredibly honest about how she got where she is now in her life. She is a true “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” type of woman who while being business-savvy with a no-nonsense get-it-done attitude, also has a kind, understanding side that makes her engaging, and, well, the kind of woman you want to be next to.

She was recently interviewed by Elaine Pofeldt for an article that appeared on Forbes titled, “How Joan Herrmann Went From At-Home Mom To Major Radio Personality,”  Link to article: https://www.forbes.com/sites/elainepofeldt/2018/04/29/how-joan-herrmann-evolved-from-at-home-mom-to-major-radio-personality/#346d498569e9

I will be looking for local participation…questions, comments, observations, or whatever furthers the conversation. I hope you will find Joan’s insights, and those of her cadre of experts, helpful and uplifting in your own life.

Welcome to TAPInto, Joan!