WOODLAND PARK, NJ - The 2018 Youth Month mayor and council members took to the dais on May 9 and conducted the Mayor and Council meeting, with their counterparts sitting alongside providing assistance as needed. 

"This is probably the most complex agenda we've ever had for a Youth Month meeting," Mayor Keith Kazmark said, noting that the tradition dates back over 50 years. "In 1992 I sat in that last chair myself, as an 8th grader, representing Councilman Fred Semrau." 

The students led presentations to three championship basketball teams, read committee reports and approved and introduced a number of resolutions.

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Woodland Park’s annual Youth Month kicked off on April 13 with a visit from Mayor Kazmark to Memorial School. There, he described the program and its similarities to running for real office. Students received descriptions of the jobs they could run for to be elected to by their peers.

Following the April 28 election day at school, the students selected for the 20 available positions would have a number of opportunities to see their government in action.

On May 2, a tour of the town for the elected students included stops at Fire Company No. 2, the DPW, Board of Education building, municipal building, police department, Alfred Baumann Library and WP First Aid Squad.

In addition participants took part in the May 15 municipal court session and the May 21 Board of Education meeting.

The 2018 Youth Month participants are:

  • Mayor Matthew Blomgren
  • Council members Natalie Cyman, Juliana Atallah, Kayla Price, Gabriella Sevillano, Valerie Vance and Himu Halim
  • Police Chief David Garcia
  • Fire Chief Alexandra Acevedo
  • Borough Administrator Samantha Chow
  • Borough Treasurer Paxton Roehrich
  • Borough Attorney Diya Patel
  • First Aid Squad Captain Brianna Correa
  • Superintendent of Schools Christopher Perez
  • Borough Court Judge Tianna Hubbard
  • Recreation Coordinator Joseph Granata
  • Superintendent of Public Works Jaylene Nogueira
  • Board of Education President Chyna Sinclair
  • Library Director Hatem Haddouche
  • Municipal Clerk Lima Naveed