WOODLAND PARK, NJ - Last spring, Charles Olbon School hosted a school-wide character education assembly called The NED Show. NED is a cartoon character whose name is an acronym for "Never give up," "Encourage others," and "Do your best." The program used humor, audience participation, yo-yo and magic tricks to bring forth its message.

NED, and his human friend Kazmo, returned to CO on Sept. 17 to share details of their kindness adventure to Kenya, Africa with the students.

Kazmo sang a song for the students, “You Have a Superpower When You Smile,” before he shared details of the African trip to visit the Bidii Primary School in Kenya, where 59 students share a classroom. NED and Kazmo learned about their new friends – how they are unbreakable, “like sticks in a bundle.”

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As the story progresses, the students learn that it’s the differences that make experiences and new friendships so great. The themes brought forth were: Caring is cool; Include others; I can make friends anywhere; Each person matters a lot; and Different can be good.

The NED Show came to CO at no cost both times. The school make NED-messaged items available for purchase during the week, which reinforce multi-sensory learning and are tangible reminders that increase the students’ ability to retain NED’s message long after the assembly. The proceeds from CO’s sale will allow another school to benefit from the program. With the Kenyan treasures the students purchased this week, they also learned that in addition to paying it forward to another school, proceeds benefit artisans in Africa and help provide clean drinking water to residents there.

Find out more about the program at www.thenedshow.com or www.kindnessadventure.com. The sites offers resources for teachers and parents.