This morning while I was scrolling through Facebook, a memory of a photo I shared a few years ago popped up. It's a picture of me in high school playing the piano for a drama club production. When I first made the post, it was simply in remembrance of a happy period of my life. But, when the photo appeared in my memories today, I saw it with a different perspective.

All those years ago, I was selected to provide the music for the singers. It was just me, piano only, no other musicians. For decades, I didn’t give that performance any thought. But this morning, when I looked at the image of that young girl, I saw someone with the confidence and courage that I forgot I had.

Playing the piano in front of hundreds of people, while actors sang, terrified me. To do it required the ability to push my fears aside and to allow myself to shine.

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Unfortunately, during the decades that followed, I lost that spark and that ability. I let fear and self-doubt govern my life. I did not want to experience failure or rejection, so I hid my light so deeply that it was nearly impossible to rekindle the flame.

We all are born with an inner light. Some of us can hold on to it, but others lose it and get lost in an abyss of darkness and sadness. They, like me, have to work extremely hard to get it back.

Many believe that they must extinguish their light so others feel less insecure. But shrinking yourself to make another person comfortable doesn’t serve the world. We are all meant to shine.

Now, when I look at that picture, it reminds me of the potential we all have within, and the endless possibilities of what we can achieve when we put ourselves “out there” and allow our light to be seen.

So, whether you continue to shine brightly or are on the journey to reigniting the flame, remember, the more you allow yourself to shine, the brighter our world will be.