WOODLAND PARK, NJ - Borough resident Nicholas Juzdan has launched Juzdan Productions, the first male plus-sized entertainment company that is geared to driving inspiration and building people's dreams.   Juzdan, a graduate of Passaic Valley High School and Montclair State University, recently landed his dream job at Ashley Stewart managing media production.  

Juzdan took the role of media production manager and engulfed himself right into the ideals of the company. He said, "Doing what I love and working for Ashley Stewart is one of the best career decisions I have made." 

Juzdan created a website for Juzdan Productions and recently posted how he fell in love with film. The blog post titled "Who Needs Pre-school" depicts his early life and how the influences of his grandparents and family affected his future. "I actually never went to pre-school... instead I watched movies at my grandparents house." said Juzdan. "Every person out there should dream big and do what they love."  

Check out more of his work at http://www.juzdanproductions.com/.