WOODLAND PARK, NJ - STEM is a new class in Memorial School this year, replacing Computers.   Students will be doing some science, technology, engineering, and math activities encompassed into one giant, end of marking period project, with teacher Miss Ament.

There is a STEM website, created by Miss Ament, which will be a companion to the class, where students can access class notes, homework, and various other resources. Students will be accessing this website nightly for homework. The link to the website is http://sites.google.com/view/memstem/home. Parents are encouraged to visit the site.

The STEM classroom uses a flipped classroom model. Students will read about or watch a video lesson the night before class and complete a quiz that goes along with it. In class the next day, students will explore these concepts with a hands-on activity or experiment. 

"It's a new and unfamiliar approach to structuring the classroom but I feel that the students will greatly benefit from this flipped classroom," Miss Ament said.