WOODLAND PARK, NJ - As part of School Violence Awareness week, students at Woodland Park’s Charles Olbon and Beatrice Gilmore Schools received visits from police officers, who gave them age appropriate tips to keep safe. Officers Carino and Morrison from the Woodland Park Police Department visited Charles Olbon School, and Officer Rosario visited Beatrice Gilmore School, along with Special Class II Officer Mickey.

At each school, talks were tailored to offer age appropriate safety basics for the children. At both schools, officers stressed to the students that they should know their address and phone numbers of parents and siblings, and that they should only call 911 in a real emergency. Officers talked about bullying as well as cyber bullying. They covered the topic of strangers and being aware of your surroundings. All the officers stressed importance of safety drills. "Safety drills are very important," Officer Rosario said. "You do them so it can become second nature."

With Halloween approaching, the officers stressed that kids should trick or treat only where they know and never alone. The officers urged the kids to be extra careful crossing streets, in addition to wearing reflective clothing or carrying a flashlight or glow sticks.