Summer gives so much to look forward. Running around outside, longer days, soaking in the sunshine. There are so many activities to do with kids now that the worries of early bedtime and homework are over. Check out our list of super fun ( and educational!) activities: 

1. Take a trip to the library. Story time, crafts, and movies are offered weekly.

2. Visit one of the many beautiful, shady parks of Passaic County. Free family friendly outdoor events are being offered

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3. Beautify your driveway with homemade sidewalk chalk

4. Go bowling! See the newest kids blockbuster! Other activities  for rainy days

5. Take a trip to the craft store or dollar store: pick up a few boxes of crayons and coloring books, craft kit, or paints/paper lets their creativity run wild when they can't play outside 

6. Nature walk around your neighborhood or backyard. Have children collect leaves, flowers, rocks, seeds etc. Enjoying the warm weather can be a learning experience and you can create a nature scrapbook together. Based on your child’s ability, have them bring a small notebook on the walk and write/draw what they observe around them.

7. Have a play date in the yard, set up the sprinkler, and enjoy the adult company while the kids burn energy

8. Classes being offered at local/retail craft and home improvement store are usually low cost and the kids learn new skills while bringing home something they’re proud to show off

9. Quality time is so precious, not the latest gadge. Roll up your sleeves together and get in the kitchen!

10.  If you’re not a cook, whatever brings you joy, let your kid in on that. Be it gardening, crochet, reading, comics, photography, music, ceramics. Your  child will cherish that activity because its with you and what you love