Work is set to begin on Monday by PSE&G in Woodland Park to replace aging cast iron gas pipes with new plastic and/or coated steel piping. The utility’s five-year Gas System Modernization Program is aimed at ensuring the safety and reliability of its gas system into the future for its 1.8 million customers.

In Woodland Park, 52 streets will be affected by road work, with a gas main install length total of 37,915 linear fee, or 7.18 miles. The work will affect approximately 950 customers. 

"We have been working with PSE&G over the past few months to plan re-surfacing efforts post-main installation," said Mayor Keith Kazmark. "We are disappointed that PSE&G failed to pay any mind to our own recent repaving efforts, which was annually shared with them."

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While main replacement scheduling wasn't ideal, according to Kazmark, all streets that have been paved in the last five years are under a moratorium and PSE&G will be required to restore them curb to curb.

Project work will begin near the Charles Olbon School in order to complete those efforts before the start of school.

During the course of the road work, PSE&G will need to relocate any inside gas meters on affected streets to the outside of the home or business. The utility will contact customers to make an appointment in this case. Service will be shut off for a brief period during the transition. 

After construction, PSE&G will need to connect each affected customer the new line. During this process, customers will be without gas service for about four hours.

Road work will be undertaken Mondays through Fridays between the hours of 7 a.m. and 5 p.m., with the potential for Saturday work. PSE&G expects the project to last through next spring. 

If you reside on one of the streets listed below, more information will be coming directly to your home. If you have any questions, call1-833-661-6200. Updates to the project will be available at

  • Alcazar Avenue
  • Bartsch Avenue
  • Bell Avenue
  • Borrego Drive
  • Brookview Drive
  • Brophy Lane
  • Casson Lane
  • Cedarhurst Avenue
  • Dulles Drive
  • Garden Avenue
  • Garret Drive
  • Grandview Drive
  • Haverhill Avenue
  • Highview Drive
  • Hillcrest Avenue
  • Hobart Avenue
  • Leighton Avenue
  • Lincoln Lane
  • Lookout Lane
  • Meriline Avenue
  • Miller Avenue
  • Morley Drive
  • Mount Pleasant Avenue
  • Overmount Avenue
  • Park Drive
  • Pascale Place
  • Pitts Avenue
  • Ridgeview Drive
  • Rifle Camp Road
  • Rose Place
  • South Street
  • Sunset Drive
  • Taylor Lane
  • Tiessen Terrace
  • Thornton Place
  • Valley Drive
  • Verbickas Drive
  • Vernon Court
  • Virginio Place
  • Weasel Drift Road
  • Whitaker Avenue
  • Williams Drive
  • Winslow Place
  • Woodrow Avenue
  • Zendzian Drive
  • Zoar Street