MILLTOWN, NJ - It's a very quiet Groundhog Day in the borough with a thick blanket of snow covering Milltown and much of the Garden State on February 2. Middlesex County's favorite groundhog, Milltown Mel is in quarantine, but he sent a message out through his social media pages telling his faithful it will be an early spring for 2021. Unlike his ultra famous cohort out in Punxsutawney, PA, Mel did not see his shadow. As the legend says, if a groundhog does not see his shadow, it will be an early spring.

"As I lay here in my bed and snore, I sneak a peek outside the door," Mel wrote on his Instagram and Facebook pages. "If the lack of a shadow what I truly see, then an early spring there must be."

Milltown has been celebrating Groundhog Day with a special early morning ceremony for the last 13 winters. It is a tradition started by Jerry and Cathy Guthlein and continued by John McNamara and the staff of Bronson & Guthlein Funeral Home. Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Mel made the decision along with his Wranglers to quarantine for Groundhog Day 2021.