WESTFIELD, NJ — If it wasn’t for the quick thinking of a 9-year-old, a toaster oven that caught fire in a Rahway Avenue home over the weekend could have quickly spread, authorities said.

“Luka was home with his babysitter and sleeping grandfather while his parents were running an errand,” said the Westfield Police Department in a Facebook post. “Their toaster oven caught fire, and Luka jumped into action. He called his parents on FaceTime and then woke up his grandfather and got him and his babysitter outside to safety.”

Luka’s mother, Dina Kolker, said Monday that her family has been surprised by all the attention that followed the Saturday morning fire. Kolker is thankful that major disaster was averted.

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“The incident was very scary as you might imagine, but we are super-proud of Luka and very grateful for the fantastic response from WFD and WPD,” Kolker said.

Kolker and her husband hadn’t gone far and when they returned a few minutes afterward, Luka was standing on the front porch with the police and firefighters, she said. The toaster oven caught fire around 11 a.m., Kolker said.

“The officers were incredibly professional and wonderfully nice and reassuring to the children and adults,” she said. “Luka saved everyone in the house, the house itself and his baby sister’s second birthday party.”