PATERSON, NJ – Paterson Public Schools’ students had another strong showing at this year’s Northern Regional National History Day competition at Seton Hall University on March 31, 2012.  The students submitted 55 entries and received awards for 21 history projects.  They will now go on to compete in the New Jersey State Competition on May 5th at William Paterson University.

This year’s theme is Revolution, Reaction, and Reform; and of the 323 total entries in the competition, 17% were from Paterson students.  “This annual competition consistently delivers excitement and pride for Paterson every year, and we must encourage this same level of enthusiasm in our classrooms each and every day” said State District Superintendent Dr. Donnie Evans.  “For the past two decades, Paterson has secured its reputation as a district that performs exceptionally well at National History Day competitions.  We are proud of our students’ outstanding achievement and we look forward to the State Competition.”

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Eastside students Grace Lugo and Amanda Rankine are two-time competition winners (2011 and 2012) and this year they won for their history project: Rock and Roll - A Cultural Revolution.

“We learn so much during this annual event,” said Lugo. Rankine added, "It was like history was coming alive for us."

Students, teachers, and administrators from Eastside and John F. Kennedy Academies, PS #7, Rosa L. Parks Fine & Performing Arts, and International High School competed in this rigorous academic competition which revolves around various opportunities for project based learning.  Students prepared annotated bibliographies, interviewed experts on their topic, and constructed exhibits, websites, documentaries and performances which reflected the depth of their research and demonstrated analytical skills and understanding.  A complete list of student winners is available at under “District News.”

The winners of the State competition are eligible to attend the Kenneth E. Behring National History Day Contest at the University of Maryland at College Park in June.  At this event, projects from across the United States, American Samoa, Guam, International Schools and Department of Defense Schools in Europe all meet and compete.  For more information, visit

JFK Winners:


Pablo Picasso:

Shahana Monesha & Sema Miah


Virginia Woolf:

Shimanna Uddin & Tamanna Murshed



Mahruza Choudhury, Kaltoum Alibrahimi, Elif Ozer, & Nasrin Younus


Nineteenth Amendment:

Monika Salam & Frankcarlos Castro


Brown vs. Board of Ed:

Seren Ozer, Dewan Mohsin, & Asraful Islam


Lumiere Brothers:

Magd Omar, Fahmida Begum, Thania Uddin, & Samia Uddin



Samuel Colt:

Kishwar Rafid, Alexander Valdiviezo, Alvin Pujols, Leonel Torres, & Jeffrey Rosario


Eastside Winners:


Rock and Roll: A Cultural Revolution

Amanda Rankine and Grace Lugo


The Dominican Revolution: The Two Sides of Trujillo

Juan and Ramon Lopez

The Dominican Revolution: Sisters in Arms

Maria Feliz, Angeliz Feliz and Cindy Feliz

The Shirtwaist Factory Fire

Dawn Brown and Crystal Lopez


Reaction to Revolution—The Red Scares

Andre Myrtle


A Revolution in Medicine—Germ Theory

Jose Colon


Rosa Parks Winners:


Rosa Parks: I Sat Down to Stand Up!

Nadira Vaughan


The Cotton Club:

Khalonie Forman, Brandi Luck, Eboni Owens, Clarice Forbes, Shareta Ward


Music and Race: The Revolution

Rafael Vasquez, Simone Spence, La’krystal Singletary


Wobblies Wobble But They Don’t Fall Down: The IWW & The Paterson Silk Strike

Anthony Pena, Thalia Mercado, Priscilla Cordero

International Winners:


Animal Experimentation

Desirea Medina


Animal Husbandry

Amina Begum, Harley Huarachi, Linnette Martinez


School #7 Winners:


Paterson Silk Strike of 1913

Jeremy Ayllon, Diego Buritica, Joel Heredia, Jostin Martinez



Cuban Missile Crisis:  On the Brink of the World's End

Shahin Hussain, Mahfuzur Shipu, Cristian Guerra