Dear Council Members,

Might I suggest a way in which you can plug the $6 million gap in this year's budget?

Simply auction off City Hall and any surrounding City owned properties as a parcel to a developer, (opening bid $6 million).  As part of the deal, the new owners will be given fast track demolition permits to level the site and construct a Mall to complement Center City or even a Wal-Mart. A covered, elevated walkway could be constructed to connect the two sites.

Assuming the auction realizes a premium, Paterson should use it to purchase and refit a warehouse so that all city Departments can be in one location with City Council Chambers to occupy a floor as well.  The cost savings would be tremendous.  Perhaps even sell off the Public Safety building too, relocating Fire and Police Command and Operations to the same warehouse.

Given the scant regard for historic preservation being displayed by the Council and Administration, it really should come as no hardship to any of you to implement a bold plan like this.

Kind regards,

Michael Symonds