Dear Editor:
On Friday, February 15th, the Paterson Public School District organized a " Professional Development Day" that was neither the least bit organized, nor very professional. Sadly, and disappointing as well, there was little if any trainingor development that occurred. Due to lack of planning by the Donnie Evans administration the program training time was cut short.
There was no adequate parking for staff, massive overcrowding inside the two rented banquet halls, and in the opinion of many Paterson educators, a complete lack of coordination in the presentation of materials.
Why was there such an administrative failure in the lack of planning for this major school district event? 

Why not conduct this training program at local school sites like John F Kennedy High School and School 18 that have more than adequate parking and could save the school district the cost of renting two banquet halls like the Brownstone and LaNeve's?
Isn't it embarrassing that the Police Department had to be called out to ask staff to move their cars, or risk having them towed away?  Isn't it also embarrassing that Fire Department officials  had to show up to determine if the Paterson School District had exceeded legal occupancy limits?
And who does Mr. Evans continually pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for this training and consultant services?  Evans continuously hands over a small fortune to FOCAL POINT, a consulting group out of Colorado led by the  "DISGRACED" Shirley Miles. Why is Mr. Evans paying all this money to an outfit from Colorado led by an individual whose employment with the U.S. Department of Defense was terminated for very suspicious reasons.
Why is Mr. Evans using a company from Colorado to train Paterson staff on New Jersey educational
But most importantly, why are the Paterson school board members sitting quietly like sheep? Why aren't the Paterson school board members demanding an investigation by the Department of Education into this administrative incompetence and questionable spending practices by Mr. Evans and his administration.
William A. Connolly