PATERSON, NJ - For almost two years, Christopher Stamp was on the lam, a fugitive wanted on attempted murder charges in connection with a shooting during an armed robbery at Madison Avenue convenience store.
Every now and then, detectives would hear reports that Stamp was somewhere around Paterson, authorities said. But there was never enough information to track him down.
Until Tuesday. That's when they arrested him at - of all places - the Passaic County Courthouse, where Stamp was using an alias to appear for a hearing on an unrelated domestic violence case against him, police said.
"Sometimes we pull out old cases and contact our sources to see if there's any new information,'' said Sgt. Patrick Murray, head of the police department's Cease-Fire, explaining how his investigators found out that Stamp would be in court.
Plainclothes detectives from the city's warrant squad were waiting in the hallway outside the courtroom on Tuesday and arrested Stamp when he arrived for the hearing, Murray said.
It's not clear whether Stamp has been living in Paterson all this time, Murray said.
The shooting happened on Nov. 17, 2010. Authorities say Stamp shot the store's 57 year-old store clerk in the neck during a robbery at the  “609” convenience store. The clerk has since recovered from his wound, police said.
Stamp, who was using the name Jaron Greene as his alias, is being held in the city police cell block pending a court appearance, police said. Bail has been set at $1 million.