PATERSON, N.J.- After a failed 4-4-1 vote by the Paterson Council on Tuesday regarding a memorandum to move Paterson's Board of Education Election from November to April, many residents are wondering, “what’s next?”.

The move to change the election came from last fall’s race where many residents were complaining that political parties were getting involved and influencing the election through either campaign literature or money.

In response to the vote not going through, Council President William McKoy said that he was, “disappointed by my colleagues,” and, “once you move the election to November, it gets overshadowed by the partisan election process...the purpose of the children gets lost in all of that.”

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Residents at the council meeting were very disappointed and shouted comments like, “Sell Out,” or, “Children First.”

However, residents are questioning where does the BOE election go next?

To move the election to April, it would only cost the city approximately $175,000, which McKoy and Velez believe it’s an investment to our children since Paterson’s budget is about $500,000,000. “The miseducation of a child,” commented McKoy, “How much is that work?”

The President of the Paterson Board of Education, Dr. Christopher C. Irving, has already indicated that he will not change the election since he said that his bloc of votes do not support the initiative

Councilman Luis Velez agreed with McKoy’s statements and said that, “it’s up to the commissioners. They’re going to have a conversation about this, but we [the council] did this as a memorandum in support for the change, so they can move forward with it.”

Former Board of Education Commissioner, Errol Kerr stated, “It’s best if we reorganize ourselves and come back to revisit this issue...if we don’t, the road will be very rocky and have a negative effect on our children.”