In the 25 years I have known Bill Pascrell he has always been an unwavering friend to Paterson and his constituents. First as a state Assemblyman, then as Mayor and today as our Congressman Bill has always reflected and represented the people of his district.

From his earliest days in Congress Bill championed the creation of a national park surrounding the Great Falls. He took the lead in drafting, introducing, and moving legislation that began the process with the “Great Falls Historic Study Act” that was signed into law in 2001. And I had the great pleasure of being at the White House with our Congressman when President Obama signed the legislation in April 2009 creating the “Paterson Great Falls Historical National Park.”

Tough, persistent, resilient and determined Bill has fought for Seniors to insure that after decades of contributing to Social Security and Medicare they get the benefits they deserve. Bill worked to defeat the “Alternative Minimum Tax” act that saved the middle class of New Jersey thousands of additional tax dollars. And because of Bill our veterans have a health clinic at St. Joseph’s Hospital - the first of its kind to serve the more than 30,000 veterans that reside in the area. And Bill’s work to increase the awareness and treatment of Traumatic Brain Injury (the signature wound of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq effecting more than 360,000 men and women), is unequaled in the U.S. Congress. From his recent courageous stand supporting President Obama on marriage equality to restoring $166 million to the COPS program no one in Congress works harder for the people of his district than Bill Pascrell. 

I think former President Clinton said it best as he endorsed Bill in this very important race when he said: "I know Bill Pascrell, and he is the fighter we need to support President Obama," President Clinton said. "Bill helped write President Obama's health care law, he's a leader protecting and strengthening Social Security and Medicare, and he never stops fighting for the middle class. Nothing is more important to Bill than creating jobs in New Jersey. I saw that in the eight years we worked together to build unprecedented prosperity for America. We can't afford to lose his ideas, energy, and experience just when they're needed most."