PATERSON, NJ - Residents in the 2nd Ward near St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center are breathing a sigh of relief. The Kintock Group of N.J., Inc. has withdrawn its application to establish an outpatient resource center for paroled sex offenders at 80 Levine Street.

The application was scheduled to be heard at the Thurs., Feb. 9 Board of Adjustment meeting. The proposal triggered widespread concern among area residents. "We were going to pack that meeting,'' said 2nd Ward Councilman Aslon Goow. "There would have been at least 100 people there.''

The matter had come before the Board of Adjustment on November 2. The applicant was seeking a Site Plan Variance, Use Variance, and Bulk Variance to operate an outpatient resource center for parolees and registered sex offenders being monitored by the New Jersey State Parole Board Sex Offender Monitoring Unit. The facility would have provided services to offenders who were incarcerated and are now back in community such as post-correctional training, vocational training, and urine testing.

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The building, which has an awning that reads Concentra Medical Centers, is currently vacant and is already approved for medical use. Neither the applicant nor members of the community attended the meeting. It is located a few blocks away from St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital as well as a day care center, school, and a playground.

The Kintock Group, which operates a number community resource centers, including two in Paterson at 219 and 236 Ellison Street, which would have been relocated to 80 Levine Street if the application were approved, had indicated that it did not want to come into a neighborhood where it was not wanted. Residents and St. Joseph’s hospital had expressed their opposition to the application.