Dear Editor:

The average working class citizen can not relate to a state-appointed Superintendent that earns an annual salary of $218,000 plus fringe benefits and performance bonuses like that of state appointed Paterson Superintendent Dr. Donnie W. Evans.  In a time when so many cuts are being made in our students' classrooms, on the athletic fields, and to extra-curricular activities, the Union can't help but ask, what sacrifices has Donnie Evans made to provide a thorough and efficient education?

When the Union attends Board meetings, we are always inspired as community members advocate with such passion about the improvement of the Paterson School District.  These are hardworking Patersonians that work unbelievably long hours to make ends meet for their children.  No matter what, when the school budget does not reflect a thorough and efficient education, the adults do not suffer-- our children do.  Our students and our employees deserve so much better than they have been receiving.  There have been many public outcries for additional funding for our schools.  Ask yourself this question.  Why has state-appointed Superintendent Donnie Evans not been leading that charge?  Where is his backbone?

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Here is the reason why.  Dr. Donnie Evans is a 'state-appointed' District Superintendent. Similar to David Wildstein, another Governor Christie appointee, Dr. Donnie Evans answers "To a Constituency of One," Governor Chris Christie.  Ironically, Dr. Evans was appointed by a Democratic Governor, John Corzine.  Since that time, it is the Union's position that Dr. Evans pivoted from his principles, and has sold out our children, our parents, and staff to promote Christie's damaging educational policies the man who signs his checks, Governor Christie.  It is apparent that Evans has done the unthinkable only to survive a Republican administration.  

It is my opinion that State-appointed Superintendent Dr. Donnie Evans lacks the compassion, integrity, judgment, and spine to stand up for what is best for the students and staff that he is charged to oversee.  His latest school budget and response to two school emergencies are all the general public need to know about his lack of leadership.

Paterson's next Superintendent should be a homegrown candidate.  There is plenty of homegrown talent that the Union believes could do a much better job. Many of these individuals know the struggles educators face in Paterson.  Most importantly, these individuals have deep roots in the community, schools, and beyond.  In fact, there are plenty of candidates that I am sure would do the job for much less than Evans'  $218,000.  It's time to start searching.


Very truly yours,


John McEntee, Jr., President


Paterson Education Association

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Paterson, NJ, 07505

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