To my fellow Patersonians:
On July 1, 2012, we all witnessed the Inauguration Ceremony of the Municipal Council. All 6 council members took the oath of office, and were duly sworn in with the premise that each distinguished member would serve the community/ ward in which they will represent. While some questions still arise about the circumstances surrounding the recent municipal election, one thing remains certain. We all have an obligation to work in unity for the betterment of the entire community. After all, we are all public servants in one capacity or another.
We must permanently put aside our differences and behold the bigger picture. We each see, hear and understand things with our own individual filters. It’s almost like the world is a huge mirror in which we see nothing but our own reflections. With so many possible misinterpretations how can we better train ourselves to hear the truth? When we are thinking only of ourselves, we see things only as they pertain to us. It isn’t until we choose to start thinking of others that we can even begin to see things as they really are.
To my fellow elected officials:

As we care more deeply about those around us and look for ways we can put their needs before our own we merit to see a picture much larger than that of just ourselves. Our ego and its self-serving desires will always distance us from the truth. The more we include others in our consciousness, the more we distance ourselves from our ego and the greater the revelation of truth will be. I would like to take this time to congratulate all of the city council members, (both newly elected and reelected). Remember the promises that you've made the community and especially to your constituents.
All eyes are on each of us, whether we are serving on the Council or on the Board of Education, the people are watching. The citizens are alert and we must do our due diligence to ensure we make good on every commitment we uttered while on the campaign trail. The time for business as usual is over. People are tired of broken promises, and empty smiles. The time has come for action. Words must become deeds that meet needs! I trust that each of you will continue to serve the community with integrity and keep all lines of communication open.
We were elected by the people and for the people. As such, we must be committed to the people for as long as we live on this Earth.
All the best,
Comm. Corey L. Teague
Paterson School Board