Dear Mayor, Council Members and MUA Chairman Lowe,
I was happy to read that after the recent uncertainty over this vital project, the situation looks  brighter.  To have dropped the ball on this would have been unforgivable and a colossal disaster. So concerned was I that the unthinkable may happen, so shaken was my confidence in the business acumen and negotiating abilities of this city, I felt compelled to write to the National Parks Service to express the concerns of many.   I now feel encouraged at the news that a tentative agreement between all parties is almost finalized.  M.U.A Chairman Erik Lowe was right to say "trust me, I think you'll be very pleased"  Nice work Mr Lowe, however,I will feel just a little better once the ink is dry.  
Given the delays in the negotiations and deep concerns many regular folks felt over this matter, let us hope that the final document was indeed put together properly so that it may be ratified and approved by City Council.

The signing of the finished agreement is just the first small step. Much work has to be done complete this project and we have to ensure everything runs smoothly and competently. So far as this City is concerned, this is no time for cronies and incompetents (which I have to say seems so prevalent at this time) to be involved in this project. The best and the brightest need to be called on to lay the correct foundation in order that we may secure Paterson's future. Politics, cronyism, nepotism and favoritism have no place here, nor indeed in the city administration at all. Ever.
We need to see EVERY aspect of this vital project is managed to the highest standards of integrity; no "jobs for the boys, no questionable contracts, no back room deals and a full and proper accounting of all proceeds which MUST go in their entirety to benefit the residents of this city and not just a select few. The recent overtime scandal (or OTSCAM) means that the bond of trust between this City's administration and its residents has been broken. In order to start to repair it,  we need to have independent oversight of this projects' finances to make sure every cent goes where its supposed to go.
So please keep the champagne on ice, the self congratulatory ceremonies and the back slapping on hold until after the first paychecks to the newly hired workers who live in Paterson are cut, after we see a reduction in our property tax bills to historic lows, after we see city services restored and enhanced so residents and visitors alike will walk clean and safe streets.  After we feel comfortable that the only nest being feathered is that collective eyrie which belongs to every hard working resident and taxpayer living in the great city of Paterson, then, and only then, should any of you shout out to the rooftops.
Kind regards,