PATERSON, NJ - City officials and Dr. Donna R. Nelson-Ivy, MD, Director of the Department of Health and Human Services announced today a list of cooling sites for city residents to shelter from the ongoing heat wave, that's affected the area continuously with temperatures hitting 90 degrees or more, for several days.

Mayor Jose 'joey' Torres and City administrators have established a Paterson Division of Health Cooling Sites & Division of Health Hotline Number - (973) 321 1277 Ext. 2757.

During a heat wave please call the hotline to be reminded of where you may want to go to cool down for a couple of hours. 

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You will hear the following message:

  • South Paterson Library”, located at 930 Main Street:  CALL BEFORE YOU GO— 973 - 357- 3020;

  • Totowa Branch Library at 405 Union Ave:  CALL BEFORE YOU GO— 973 -942 - 7198;

  • Main Library – located at 250 Broadway: CALL BEFORE YOU GO – 973 - 321 - 1223;

  • Division of Senior Services – Riverside Vets, located at 165 5TH Ave: CALL BEFORE YOU GO— 973 - 653 - 5932.

Another possible place could be the Center City Mall located at 301 Main Street or visit your local churches, movie theaters, etc.

There are several steps to survive a heat wave:

A cool shower is an effective way to cool off.

Stay hydrated:  be sure to drink lots of fluids, especially water and avoid caffeine.

Never leave children or pets in parked cars, even for brief periods of time.

Check on neighbors, family, pets and friends, especially those who are elderly, sick, or not able to move around to take care of themselves without assistance and people who live alone.