WASHINGTON, DC- In electoral terms the victory that Congressman Bill Pascrell helped lead the Democrats to over the Republicans on Thursday would be considered a landslide. This however, was the 57th Annual Roll Call Congressional Baseball Game with the Democrats victorious by a score of 21-5.

Expressing his pride in the victory Pascrell, who earlier in the night had announced on Facebook that his role would be limited to coaching first base, came out of “semi-retirement” when he stepped to the plate in the sixth inning drawing a walk. According to reports Pascrell approached the plate to deafening roars of “Billy!” from the stands.

Showing his ability to reach across the aisle, Pascrell said that even with the victory the “moment of the night” came when Louisiana Congressman Steve Scalise, critically wounded by a gunman while practicing with the GOP team exactly one year prior, took the field for the Republican team. “Seeing him cleanly field a grounder to open the game gave chills to me and everyone in the ballpark,” Pascrell said.

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“Everyone gave everything they had on the field and played a part,” Pascrell said after the final pitch. “It was a perfect night for baseball.”

The game was broadcast on C-SPAN2.