Dear Mayor Jones,
With Paterson Police Department officers about to be issued layoff notices and another 200 city staffers facing unemployment, while others have to submit to furloughs, please explain why you saw fit to hire Mr. Kenneth Sumter at a salary of $50,000 on top of his School district salary of $86,519 (including benefits) without the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs' awareness or approval.
Also please explain why the City Council and Business Administrator were not aware that Mr Sumter was being paid by the city and that the school district Superintendent was not aware that Mr Sumter had been hired to a second publicly paid position.
With the advent of a 21% property tax increase, many of my neighbors (including myself)  face uncertain futures and could lose their homes.   This sort of hiring activity is unacceptable and needs to be addressed immediately. Mr Sumter's services to the City should be dispensed with immediately, his salary to be refunded to the city and his city pension to be terminated.  
I look forward to hearing from you.
Michael Symonds