PATERSON, NJ – City officials have agreed to pay $10,000 to settle a lawsuit involving the 2009 shooting by an off-duty Paterson police officer of her former boyfriend.

In the incident, the ex-boyfriend, Albert Mullings, had climbed through the bathroom window at the Wall Street home of the police officer, Latrenta Grayson, officials said. Mullings also threatened Grayson’s boyfriend.

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The shooting eventually happened outside the house in a comfortable 3rd Ward neighborhood a few blocks from Eastside Park.

Mullings will receive $10,000 under the settlement. That was one of three cases that the city council either approved or gave tentative approval to on Tues., Nov. 22. Another involved payments to retired firefighter Andrew Selby and the third stemmed from a woman’s fall in Roberto Clemente Park.

City Corporation Counsel Paul Forsman said that taking the Mullings case to trial would have cost more than $50,000 in legal fees.

Grayson had faced official misconduct and aggravated assault charges as a result of the shooting, while Mullings was charged with burglary and making terroristic threats.

All those charges were dismissed in 2010 because neither of them could be compelled to testify against each other, according to a story. They both risked incriminating themselves if they testified in the cases against each other.

Grayson and Mullings had two sons together.

Meanwhile, the city council approved a $17,428 payment to Selby, who badly injured his knee in May 2006 at a blaze destroyed an E. 23rd Street house.

Officials said the payment only covered his lawsuit involving the injury. Selby, who state records say retired in 2008, also had sued Paterson in 2006 for racial discrimination within the fire department.

In 2007, Selby was the target of insubordination charges filed by the fire department when he attended a city council meeting in full dress uniform to criticize Paterson officials for their treatment of one of his colleagues, Michael Walker.

Walker – the father of New York Giants receiver Victor Cruz – had been a co-defendant in the discrimination lawsuit and was fired. Selby came to the city council to protest that termination in May, two months after Walker had died.

In the third case, city officials have agreed to pay $95,000 to settle a lawsuit filed by Nadia White, who suffered severe injuries when she fell on stairs in Roberto Clemente Park in the 5th Ward. Her hospital bills alone were more than $37,000, Forsman said.

The White settlement will come up for a vote at the Tues., Nov. 29 meeting. Last-minute questions had arisen on whether the stairs were located on property owned by the city or the school district. Forsman said the council wanted that location verified before taking a final vote.