As a City Council candidate for the Second Ward in Paterson, I have been presenting  different ideas that would offer positive solutions to stabilize and reduce property taxes on already overburdened  taxpayers. One proposal that I have been advocating in Paterson is a greater use of shared service agreements.
For example, the City of Paterson and the Board of Education currrently have a joint agreement regarding recreational services that is both cost-effective and functional. Recent discussions have put forth contractual negotiationsl of a shared service agrement between the city and the school district for garbage pick-up and waste disposal. This management practice is currently being implemented by many municipalities and could potentially save Paterson taxpayers millions of dollars in consolidation of services.
By pooling the budgetary resources of intergovernmental agencies, goods and services such as public safety, public works and other administrative programs could be funded in more prudent ways.  By adopting the basic economic principle of purchasing goods and services in greater volume would result in very significant savings for Paterson and its taxpayers.

Though our city is limited in its monetary resources, we are not limited in presenting new and smarter ways to make sure Paterson taxpayers get the most value for their hard-earned tax dollars. As City Councilman for the Second Ward I will be committed to those goals and objectives.
Dr. Joseph Atallo
Candidate, 2nd Ward
Paterson City Council