PATERSON, NJ - The Corona Bar, which the city had shut down for 10 days because of a 2007 fight, reopened on January 13 with assurances from its owner that it would be a better neighbor.
"I'm going to try to run a clean business and help out this community,'' said the bar's owner Alphonso Martinez.
The Totowa Avenue bar's track record of fights and other problems in 2007 and 2008 had prompted the city council to consider denying its application for a renewal of its entertainment license. Without that license, the bar would not be allowed to have DJs play music.

After taking an aggressive approach toward the bar at a November 30 hearing, the city council on January 11 decided to approve the license.
"Our sergeant from the ABC (Alcoholic Beverage Control Board) said they've been good the last two years,'' said Council President Aslon Goow. "They had 10 (police) calls last year and eight of them false alarms in their security system. The other two were minor incidents.''