The NJ Legislature passes and Governor Christie signs the legislation giving communities the option of moving the school board election from April to November. As a Paterson parent, educating the voters about this issue or stimulating discussion is imperative to our education system.
Most of the towns that already voted in favor of the switch did it so they wouldn’t need a public vote on the School Budget.  Paterson is under State Takeover, so we don’t vote on our School Budget anyway.  We don’t know the benefits of a November School Board Election since the first round will happen in November 2012.  Why not observe the first round and then make an informed decision? There’s no hurry.  Paterson has up until February of next year to make the decision for a 2013 switch.  Once we decide though, we’re stuck with the decision for 4 years.
Join me in urging our School Board members to delay the vote until we know more.
Alveria Spencer
Paterson Parent