Dear Council Members,

Until my wife confiscated the remote in disgust, I watched yesterday evenings City Council meeting with grave concern and a growing sense of dismay at the lack of progress made towards adopting a budget for FY2013.  The seeming lack of urgency from the administration over a matter which you should all be focusing on like a laser is also troubling.  

Simply approving monthly appropriation requests from the administration and muddling through on a month-to-month basis will not do for the third largest city in the state.  I was also surprised that the administration could not at the very least provide you with a report or basic Excel spreadsheet giving the total budget vs actual amount for the month of July.  This is simple stuff.  

For many months now, you have all been warned of a $10M budget shortfall. Its not going away. Conversations should have taken place with departments during the last three months of FY 2012 and not the first three months of FY2013. 

However, I agree with Councilman Sayegh; a target date of the first City Council workshop session in September should be set for presentation of a preliminary budget.  We cannot afford to wait until March of 2013 until a budget finally patched together with bits of paper, scotch tape and string is adopted.   

I will remind you of this date.

Kind regards,