PATERSON, N.J.- During the Paterson City Council’s Tuesday Workshop Meeting, Elmwood Park Councilman Joseph Dombrowski came before the council and spoke about the noise complaint coming out of Eastside Park.

For a period, residents in Elmwood Park have been complaining about the noise coming from across the river. According to Dombrowski, Elmwood Park and Paterson worked together to create a resolution to mitigate the situation in September. However, Dombrowski described the ordinance to be “enforceable” since residents can still hear the noise coming out of Eastside.

At the meeting, Dombrowski said that he was one of the residents being affected by the noise. He showed about a dozen of dates and times for when he was able to hear the noise over Easter weekend.

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Council President William McKoy said, “We are sympathetic with you.” McKoy offered possible solutions that Paterson can do to solve the Elmwood Park. One being that the city can block off roads that enter into the park, and offered blocking off the street to prevent people from parking during specific hours. McKoy also suggested the city can pass an ordinance to tow people’s cars during certain hours near or at the park. Dombrowski made it clear that he is not blaming the Paterson Police for the noise, but that there needs to be a cohesive plan that Elmwood Park and Paterson can work and agree on to prevent any more noise going across the river.

McKoy affirmed to Dombrowski, “...we’re going to work with the Business Administrator and the police to get this solved.”