FALL RIVER, MA - A walk on a gray summer day was filled with maritime history in Fall River, Massachusetts. 

Bicentennial Park

Start at Bicentennial Park, which features an impressive replica Iwo Jima monument that overlooks the Taunton River.  The park pays homage to veterans, with names inscribed on bricks near the monument. 

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Then walk along the paved path that runs along the waterfront to get to Battleship Cove.

Battleship Cove

It is here that you can explore the USS Massachusetts, the USS Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr., the USS Lionfish, Hiddensee, and more.  You'll be transported back in time when you walk topside on battleships, learn how sailors lived and worked, and climb through a submarine.

The USS Massachusetts, nicknamed "Big Mamie," was built in Quincy, MA, and first saw action in North Africa as a part of Operation Torch in 1942. 

Instead of being sold for scrap metal once deactivated, Big Mamie was saved and is one of the five National Historic Landmark ships at Battle Cove.


The USS Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. destroyer was built during the last year of World War II, and saw action in North Korea in 1951, while the USS Lionfish patrolled waters off of Japan in 1945.

Youth groups can participate in Nautical Nights, camping overnight, learning how sailors lived on board, and sleeping in authentic bunks.

For more information on exhibits at Battle Cove, visit battleshipcove.org.