As entrepreneurs, we are always thinking of ways to market our products and services effectively. The emergence of social media and technology births more entrepreneurs now than ever before. It is critical that entrepreneurs understand what marketing is, how to use it to leverage profits and customers (assuming we all know what our customer demographic is), and how to use it to connect with the emotions of our customers. This isn’t an easy task. Moreover, entrepreneurs still have an even more fragile product to constantly evaluate and brand-ourselves.

On the road to discovering one’s purpose, the journey is met with so many layers of ups and downs, epiphanies and embarrassment, victories and defeats. These occurrences require one’s willingness to be flexible. Change is inevitable and at every phase of it, rebranding who we are will matter and must happen. Yes, must! Here’s why: 

  1. As the world around us changes, the expectations of what our products/ services offer will change. At one time, consumers most progressive purchasing experience was mail order. This allowed customers the same convenience as online shopping of today (not having to leave home to shop), but it lacked a few important components- the main one being TIME. It would take consumers weeks to receive the products that were ordered. And as far as businesses in the service industry, there were no effective ways to offer services by mail. Today, technology makes it possible for consumers to receive their products/services purchased online, in the same day that it’s ordered (All hail Amazon and UberEats!). Any business that was not flexible with the journey that took consumers from mail order to apps on our smartphones died a long time ago. 
  2. What isn’t growing is dying. Period! 
  3. Challenging our skills and talents to reach new realms allows us to serve our audience in vast ways. Give your audience many reasons to love you and your creative being. 
  4. The same thing gets boring over time. Do you want to eat cheese pizza every day? No! You want a variety of offerings for your palette. You want to be enticed, excited, and ignited about what’s in your life. So does your customers. 
  5. We deserve to fulfill our dreams. This will never happen without an intimate and intense relationship with the work we put into growing our overall vision for our business. A huge part of what goes into all of this is branding. What your audience feels, experiences, and identifies the business with is the brand. It’s the personality of the business and what its morals are built upon. Remember, we are also a part of all of this. The brand is merely an extension of our creative selves. 


None of this happens overnight, in fact the entrepreneurial journey is not what social media has glorified it to be. The pathway that is taken to achieving the necessary goals to reaching our destiny is ongoing and most tedious.  Nipsey Hussle embedded, in his music, the idea that this, the journey that we take in pursuit of our dreams, is a marathon- not a sprint. The journey that we travel to reaching our dreams is almost a forever journey.  Rebranding allows us to remain relevant in an ever-changing world. It also rewards our audience with genuine experiences to grow with us, as they grow with the global world around them. 

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Buckle up and have the most amazing experiences- through the art of rebranding yourself and your businesses- while still embracing and remaining authentic to the long-term vision! Welcome to the marathon of entrepreneurship. 




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