Dear Mayor Jones,
Next Monday's' visit by Secretary Salazar would be an opportunity for you to recognize the efforts of so many ordinary and prominent Patersonians who worked so hard over many years to make this first stage of  Paterson's Great Falls National Park a reality.
This should not be used as a grandstanding or photo opportunity for any politician to make capital, especially the day before an election. It should be used as a chance for you to invite and thank the numerous ordinary members of the public who attended every Council and Planning Board meeting to stop the housing development on the ATP site (and the destruction of the Colt Gun Mill) as well as a chance to recognize the only other Councilman who, some 12 years ago, you voted with to stop destroying the site; that person being former Mayor Thomas Rooney.  David Soo of course was such a huge part of making this possible and a whole host of others who did their best for this City. You might also invite former Mayor Torres who having seen the error of his ways was able to work with the Congressman to prepare the ground for this agreement. 

This is a chance for you to set a tone of unity in the city, I hope you act appropriately.

Michael Symonds