PATERSON, NJ - A Head-Start day-care center with three facilities in the city is slated to close in July.

The Concerned Parents for Head Start (CPHS) Inc. is scheduled for termination this summer when its grant from the federal Department of Health & Human Services' (DHHS) Administration for Children and Family Services expires.

According to the Gravely Group Blog, a website that dispenses Head-Start information, the CPHS apparently lost its grant funding, for which it was required to “re-compete” for continued federal funding by submitting a proposal detailing how it would achieve Head Start’s goal of delivering high-quality early childhood services to infants, toddlers and preschoolers. The funding will instead go to an organization in Bergen County associated with the Bergen County Community Action Partnership (BCCAP) Inc.

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The CPHS is planning to attempt to file an administrative appeal, although, according to DHHS regulations, there is no appeal process. The CPHS has facilities in Paterson at 500 East 35th St., 90 Martin St. and 265 Totowa Ave.

Beginning with a 350,000 dollar budget, in the 1970s, CPHS became a single-purpose agency, providing services to 180 children and 36 staff members.

Since its inception, serving over a 1,000 children and providing 200 jobs, the organization has planned, purchased and developed a 65,000-square-foot Head Start facility (formerly an abandoned factory)  now known as the Cecile Dickey Head Start center; as well as a 30,000-square-foot Head Start facility (formerly a nursing home) now known as the West Side Center.  A second not-for-profit housing corporation, Concerned Parents for Better Housing Inc., was established and built and sold 47 new townhomes for first-time home ownership.